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If it is true that Beyonce lied (FEAR) to her fans about her pregnancy (DECEPTION) never carrying Blue Ivy, but instead paying Liv Jay-Zs alleged mistress (TRAP) or homeless woman Tina Seals (now suing the Carters) to carry Blue Ivy for her, for a handsome fee (ERROR) then that further supports the fact that they all are HUMAN, vulnerable, susceptible, capable and non-exempt from the snares of this earth dome!  The WORD of God teaches us that ALL men/women fall short of the glory of God through sin.  If her confession and apology are real the next hope is that they are genuine rather than done to stop VIV from EXPOSING the entire mess…. Thus Salonge might be the only truthful one in the entire shebang… true to her heart, self, sister and events surrounding all.  With all that said we Bey included are under the grace of God which means for the lie, forgiveness is what should follow.image

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